Thursday, August 11, 2016

FOMA again!

I had many different claims today in an excellent run on F.O.M.A., unamped! But Zinc is always coming in such quantities. Isn’t the first time this fortunate thing happening :)

Friday, July 15, 2016

RT Conscript work - First Month assigment

Month 1

You will Receive 50% of Your earned Pay at the Weekends (at a time and place to be determined).  If you have completed your assignments. 

The Balance will be withheld until the end of your 3 Month Contract at which time you will also recieve Rockbucks and any possible Bonuses.

The First Payday will occur after 10hrs of Work has been assigned and completed.

Other Rules and Special Instructions.


First Assignment

Okay The First list of Volunteer Conscripts has been Updated.. This is quite enough for the Trial.
You are going to need to collect lots of screenshots to document and to verify your Work.

Every Avatar in the list needs to take a Screenshot of their Avatar to use to set up the following Social accounts associated with your avatar and post the Links in your initial Sign up Post in this thread,

It's recommended starting your Facebook account first as it can be used to create other accounts. If Anyone would like to suggest other social networks or Apps, like Snapchat that might be useful. Please do.

Each Avatar will be credited with 30 min per network - 3.5hrs total for this initial Exercise. You are more than welcome to use your exisiting social Network accounts for this Excercise.

Popsocial (

Add Avatar Pic to Your NEVERDIE Forum Account

Vixen Sweat needed at the Front Line!

5hrs of Sweating Vixens in the Parking Lot outside of Club NEVERDIE.
Leave your Lootbox window open While you Sweat and take a screenshot of the Loot box every hour to show the accumilation of Sweat Bottles.
Also be sure to get the Shy Vixen Skill Point Mission and Leave the tracker open the Avatars with the Most Points added during the Sweating Sessions will compete for ROCKbuck Bonuses.

At the end of the 6 hrs you must take a screenshot of the total number of Sweat Bottles collected during the work period.
All Screenshots must be posted in your Instagram account and shared accross your the other networks.

This Sweat will need to be turned in to collect your pay

Fun and Games!

Your Final assignment to earn 1.5 hrs will be to participate in Doc Grays event on SI on Sunday at 16:00hrs MA Time.

You will receive your Due pay when you turn in the sweat collected at the parking lot at the end of this event once the screenshots in your Social Accounts have been Verified.

Good Luck!

See you on Sunday at Secret Island!

- A Little Reminder - Disclaimer!

by participating as a Volunteer conscript, you are helping test the formula and work details for the Conscript Program. We will be creating dedicated Web Pages etc and extensive rules to support this Program in the future.
For now You are part of a Rag Tag organization

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

List of RT needs

With great pleasure we read this announcement from NEVERDIE!

“Make a detailed List of 5 Items you think RT really needs to strengthen the economy- in particular essential items that are largely currently Imported
Provide detailed Stats for the items and if they are to be crafted the ingredients you recommend and BP level etc and TT Value..
If you think they should be looted, explain from where and what level mobs etc..

Each VU we will create a TOP 10 List from everyones Top 5 Lists and start trying to get practical stuff added...

If similar items to the ones you are requesting exist on other planets please proved links as reference in the event we have to Lobby MA to be fair.. I know that POPtropia is lagging behind in terms of good tools.

Once we scratch something off the list we can add more... If you see something you like on someone else list please Point it out.

Do not be General give us your best shot of exactly what stats u think would be ideal

We will start this thread anew after each VU.”

We hope something very good to come from this movement for our beloved planet.

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Conscription POPtropia program is on!

Do you Prefer to subscribe to online worlds and Pay them $10 Per Month to Play 10hrs a week? Or Would You Like to be Paid $10 (100 Ped) a Month to Play for 10 hrs a week Plus a potential Bonus of 400 Rockbucks per Month for exceeding Quotas?

First POPtropia Conscripts Tour of Duty will be a 3 Month contact.

You Have No choice but to undertake this responsibility for your World, however if you would rather not be knocked out with a baseball bat and dragged unconscious from your bed to serve, we will give priority to the first 10 Individuals who request to be conscripted.

Initialy only those volunteering to be conscripted without the use of force will have the opportunity to earn the 400 Rockbucks per Month Bonus.

Anyone who goes Awol and fails to complete their contract will not be eligible in the future for POPtropia Employment opportunities that may or may not arise.

To Volunteer Post in the following thread​
If by chance you are reading this post and don't already have a POPtropia AVatar.
please visit and create your account. Your Avatar will spawn outside Club NEVERDIE. Take a screenie of your noob avatar, then please register in above thread and post the screenie of your brand new avatar!